Iron Sleek serves Michigan!

Michigan is certainly a State that gets to enjoy the full beauty of the 4 seasons.  Michigan has the weather while Iron Sleek has the Backyard Ice Skating Rink Products available in Michigan to help make it easy to build a successful dream rink.    In addition, shipping from Chicago to all of MI is quick and inexpensive.  Our products are steel, compact, and specifically designed to ship at minimal cost.  Our top quality white ice rink liners are also rolled tight, compact, and shipped in high quality double wall boxes.   My only warning to our Michigan customers is to keep your shovels handy.  Just across the Lake in our home town of Chicago, we know the lake effect snow fall all too well.  We experience nearly the same climate as Michigan folks and still firmly believe that building a backyard rink brings the joy that is well work the extra shoveling maintenance.  We look forward toward working for your skating rink or hockey rink.  We also welcome all MI parks and recs to check out our Park and Recs sections as we offer great deals on larger rink kits and Ice Rink Liners.  If you are not able to find an installer in your area, consider going solo with our innovative all inclusive "Drop in Rink".  Drop in Rinks by Iron Sleek are by far the easiest way to build.  Click here to see the easiest way for the least handy to build a rink