Iron Sleek serves New York and New Jersey!

Customers in New York and New Jersey often are Iron Sleek’s December and January customers.  In New York and New Jersey, one winter is brisk cold lasting several months while some years the cold winter only lands for 3 or 4 weeks in January and early February.  I do not waiver in my opinion that a backyard ice rink is worth it even for a shorter season then the up-state New Yorkers.  You will get many years of enjoyment out of your backyard ice skating rink kits in New York and New Jersey. You will surely help nurture a family fun environment that your kids will never forget.  We have specifically developed 2 starter kits that come in a single box for regions like yours.  We offer the 20 by 20 and the 20 by 46 starter kits.  These rinks ship in one single box and provide you with everything you need (except the lumber) to get this awesome winter tradition started at an affordable price.  For the detail oriented, we have board options to transform you lumber to dashers.  Once you become a €œrinker€, you will certainly expand and we will take care of you with Liner Loyalty discounts.  Many customers from New York and New Jersey have sent in their rink pictures and are already planning future enhancements like Iron Sleek Rink Rounds and Topper Foam.  Shipping ice skating rinks to New York is a breeze as the Chicago-New York shipping channel is well established and perfected.  You may learn more about us every year in the New York Hockey Journal as they do a wonderful write up every year on DIY rinks.  If you are not able to find an installer in your area, consider going solo with our innovative all inclusive "Drop in Rink".  Drop in Rinks by Iron Sleek are by far the easiest way to build.  Click here to see the easiest way for the least handy to build a rink