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Welcome to Iron Sleek! We are a family-run company that takes pride in providing the best products that can give friends and families the best outdoor ice experience. Whether it is Refrigeration, Ice Rink Liner, Rink Kits, Boards, Brackets, Hardware, or Topper we take pride in highest quality and most affordable ice experience products in the industry! 

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The essence of a Iron Sleek rink is captured below! Make your dreams possible with Iron Sleek!

Backyard Ice Rink

Experience the beauty of smooth shiny ice with light snowflakes gently falling from the sky while you play hockey with your children on your home rink.  Enjoy that crisp sound of skates cutting ice in your very own rink while listening to the playful laughter of children.  The expression of joy and open ice freedom is shown on the smile she wears on her face.  In the background you adore the aroma of fresh burning logs while you skate in your rink.  These home rink memories create impressions that will last a lifetime when we think back to the great time on the ice rink; truly EPIC!!

As satisfying as the home ice rink is, it's clear that staying active throughout the winter months is not quite as simple as it is in the warmer months for any family.  As it gets colder, it gets easier for families to stay inside.  If you are a family that values outdoors and healthy exercise activities, then you just may be an ideal candidate to install an ice rink at your home.

Backyard Rinks: Versatility, Fun, Convenience

An outdoor ice rink instantly presents a vast amount of benefits. You build the rink and ALL will use it!  What an opportunity for both kids and adults to simply lace up their skates in the warmth of their own home to take the unrestricted ice.  Unrestricted ice means you can do whatever you want.  It is amazing! Iron Sleek rinks provide the perfect excuse to get outside to enjoy some fresh winter air and the gift of home ice.

Backyard skating rinks will provide an excellent opportunity for you and the whole family to get outside and stay active.  When temps drop, so does activity.  Keep the electronic devices on the charging station and instead invite some friends over to the ice rink.  What a great and convenient way to keep the little ones playing and staying healthy. A home rink is a great workout for every one.  Check out these 2 very happy Iron Sleek customers!

Happy skaters in the backyard.

It is hard to top the convenience and price on unlimited ice time in your very own yard.  Public rinks nearby offer some skating opportunities. However, you have to work around their timetable and price.  Not to mention, you cannot roast marshmallows around the fire pit at the local arena. Open ice time is a fantasy but with your own homemade rink, you can conveniently skate whenever you want.  Skating on demand at your home rink is tough to top!!

Start the neighborhood Tradition

Beautiful backyard ice rink

Our ice rinks are a great way to spend time together with family and friends.  This will become a yearly tradition.  Winter fun and great times together with the family will now await just a few steps away from your cozy home.  Our ice rinks accommodate all ages as it is an activity that everyone can enjoy.  Iron Sleek rinks are a great way for skaters of all ages and with every ability level to spend time together, right in your own yard.  This will become an anticipated tradition for your neighbors, friends and family.  Once fall is in the air, you will know that the home ice rink season is on its way and you will know that you had a great season as you will become somber in the spring when it all goes away.