Our Customers Testimonials:

 Our church built its first ice rink (50 ft by 80 ft) last season and we wanted to make sure we constructed it well.  We discovered the Ironsleek products and made the decision to use them due to the excellent design and durability of the side board brackets and the ease of bracket and bracing installation.  Another consideration for us was rink storage due to the amount of rink boards and brackets used for the rink build.  The brackets are engineered to fold down, allowing for very compact storage.  I've built several other rinks with other products on the market; the Ironsleek bracket is definitely superior.  Also, the extremely attentive level of service from the company cannot be overstated!  These guys are passionate about ice rinks!

 The Ironsleek products truly helped our church achieve a successful inaugural season for our rink.  I would heartily recommend working with the good folks at Ironsleek if you want a great result.

Wayne Postma (native of London, Ontario)

Lombard Christian Reformed Church, Lombard, IL

"There are several reasons why I prefer the Iron Sleek System. For starters, the brackets are compact, and easy to store in the off-season.  They are easy to install, and they don't stick out once they are installed (it is very easy to trip over brackets that stick out). And, most importantly, they work great, giving me a sturdy rink with reliable boards.  I highly recommend Iron Sleek's system to any backyard rinkers, whether first-timers or old pros." 

Bob -  Ontario

Dear Iron Sleek,
Thank you so much for the incredible ice rink you built for us.  Our girls had many hours of fun during the day and at night!  They had many friends over that enjoyed skating and playing hockey.  We also appreciate how fast the rink was built!  It was a very exciting Christmas gift for our girls.  Thank you for promptly answering our questions as to how to care for the rink, as we have never done this before.  It was very easy to take down in the spring and our grass looked as good as new!  We are all looking forward to its return this winter!
Thanks much,
The Schwichtenberg Family - Riverwoods, IL
The Danz Family has used the Iron Sleek system two years in a row and it really works.  We have a yard with a large decline and it is almost impossible to make a rink strong enough to hold the water.  After we were done building our rink, the back boards had to be 20 inches in height (water was 18 inches deep) just to accommodate the decline.  The Iron Sleeks held strong and sturdy.  My husband and I were able to build our rink together and had a blast working on such a fun backyard project.  The liner is thick and even withstood our dog's nails when she got off the leash and jumped in the unfrozen water! Once the water froze the water expanded the boards and the Iron Sleeks stayed put together and never broke.
At one point we had 15 people on the rink and it was solid.  After a nice season of Ice skating we were able to drain the rink and clear the liner easily.  The Grass under the liner was kept safe and is starting to grow green and strong.
I would recommend the iron Sleek system to any fun, 


ice skating, hockey loving family!!!
Thank You Iron Sleek!
Erin and Jim Danz
(Makenzie, John, Carly, Joseph and Rascal too!)     Elgin, IL


Thanks for the great product.  Here are a couple pics of my first rink.  I have since reinforced the 4' boards with 2x4's.  Just waiting for the weather now before I put the liner down and fill.  We're expecting 5" of snow tonight so not looking forward to shoveling that out.


Thanks again,

Matt Guider - Anoka, MN


As a first time rink builder the Iron Sleek rink backyard Ice rink system made my job very easy!  Michael was very helpful in designing my rink layout resulting in a foolproof map of where to install my brackets (based on lawn slope and resulting water pressures). The iron sleek brackets were simple and easy to install and my boards when in quickly (I installed my 36'x48' rink by myself in only a few hours). The extension brackets were a lifesaver when filling my rink the water level was approaching the top of my boards, I was able to quickly add more height and save my rink!

I would highly the iron sleek rink building system!  It's easy, very durable, and takes up very little storage space over the summer!

Sean Laidig
Centerville, MN

I live in Chicago and I build a 32' x 40' rink in my yard.  I bought the Iron Sleek Brackets and Board Extenders.  The products were easy to use and very strong.  I was able to build the rink with my two kids in a couple of hours.  Gabe and Mike were very helpful on the consultation and were  always available for any questions that I had.  I highly recommend this product!

Mike Chernik

Chicago, IL

I have 2 girls in figure skating.  My husband tried several times to build a rink with just a blue tarp and some packed snow but never succeeded.  I chose Iron Sleek because I liked the simple look it had and my husband is not very handy.  With Iron Sleek, he did not even have to cut a board.  We did have a problem though, my girls always wanted smooth ice.  My husband built a successful rink but became obsessed with resurfacing.  He said it was therapeutic.  We bought the ice rink resurfacer from Iron Sleek and filled the bucket with steaming hot water and always had smooth ice for the girls.  I highly recommend Iron Sleek, it is easy to install.   Thanks,

Anna Olyster -  South Kent, CT

Our Iron Sleek rink gave us lots of fun, active outdoor time throughout the winter. Mike helped us to find the best location for it in our backyard and he oversaw a quick and quality installation. We're looking very forward to playing hockey on it again with family and friends this winter!


Glen Ellyn, IL