Heavy Duty Asphalt anchor mainly used for permanent commercial applications.  

These heavy-duty asphalt anchors, engineered specifically for asphalt surfaces, boasting an impressive 2,500 lbs. pull rating for reliable anchoring. Designed to mount flush to asphalt, each anchor includes a 3/8-16 hex head machine bolt, measuring 12 inches in length with a 7/16" female thread, along with a bolt and washer, ensuring secure fastening.

With each anchor, you'll receive 6-8 oz of grout, facilitating easy and immediate installation. Simply drill a 1" diameter hole, 12 inches deep into the asphalt surface, and fill it with our quick-setting grout/cement. Hardening in just 15 minutes, you can swiftly complete installations, with full strength curing achieved in only 1 hour.

These anchors are ideal for a wide range of applications where strength and speed are paramount, such as securing structures, equipment, or fixtures in parking lots, roadways, or other asphalt surfaces. Experience peace of mind knowing your installations are securely anchored and ready for action with our heavy-duty asphalt anchors.

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Asphalt Anchor 1” by 12”
  • Product Code: Anchor-Bolt-1x12
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  • $18.98