Foam capping to top boards for a Backyard Ice Rink.

Iron Sleek Rink Topper comes in 48" (4 ft.) Lengths.  They are packaged in bundles of 10 pcs. This package will cover 40 ft. of perimeter.

Rink Topper Foam (Blue):

  • Enhanced Aesthetics
  • Holds Liner in Place
  • Cushioning
  • Enhanced Edge Perception

Blue rink topper foam gives an outstanding aesthetic appeal to your outside ice skating rink.  It also has some very practical functions.  For one, it acts as a Liner Clip.  You do not need to staple your liner if you use Rink Topper.  In addition, Rink Topper helps skaters discern the rink edges when the landscape is fully covered in snow.  Rink Topper also acts as a cushioning for the rink edges.  Rink topper has a 3.5" OD and is strategically designed with offset circles to keep the foam tight fitting on both 3/4" plywood and 2" by lumber.

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Iron Sleek Rink Topper, 10 pc. 4 feet long. (40 ft)
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