How To

Looking for installation instructions for your new Iron Sleek Rink? Look no further! You can find our installation and assembly guides below. All the information you need to streamline the building process is contained in the below PDFs so you can spend less time installing and more time on the ice!

DIY Rink Kit Instructions

Download DIY Rink Kit Installation Instructions
Watch our DIY Rink Kit Installation Video

If this is your first time building a backyard ice rink, kits from Iron Sleek eliminate much of the confusion. Installing a backyard rink is as easy as choosing the rink size that matches your available space and verifying that the site is level within 12". Instead of taking measurements and doing calculations to figure out how many brackets and related hardware is needed, just choose from one of our backyard ice rink kits. You are guaranteed to have all the support you need to get your frame up - delivered right to your door! For highly pitched sites, over 12" of water, give us a call to discuss your rink plan and how to best utilize your kit.

Sleek Assembly Instructions

Download Sleek Installation Instructions
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The Iron Sleek Flat Steel Straight Brackets are made of carbon steel and provide a strong support for rink boards, holding up to 18 inches of water. Slopes of 14 inches -15 inches can be accommodated with Iron Sleek Rink Brackets supporting the rink boards. These Flat Steel Straight Brackets are easy to install, can be folded up at the end of the season and store neatly in a minimal amount of shelf space. Most importantly, they eliminate the tripping hazard around your rink! The days of watching your skaters, young or old, trip as they exit the rink are over!

Outrigger Assembly Instructions

Download Outrigger Installation Instructions
Watch our Outrigger Installation Video

backyard ice rink backboards

Post Kit Instructions

Download Post Kit Installation Instructions

Rink Round Installation Instructions

Download Rink Round Instructions
Watch Rink Round Installation VideoInstructions for making round corners for your backyard ice rink

Rink Designer Instructions

Design your Own Rink