Iron Sleek serves Upstate New York!

Up State New York and the greater Buffalo area are one of the most ideal places to consider building an outdoor ice skating rink. New families and new Iron Sleek outdoor rinks have been coming up at a rapid pace in this hockey loving town.  We ship our Iron Sleek Ice Rink Liners and brackets in high quality boxes via ground transport out of Chicago and for those of you who are near the border and enjoy taking a drive, we have product sitting just a few hours away from you in Stratford, Ontario.  Once you become an Iron Sleek customer, we will take care of you with Liner Loyalty discounts.  Shipping to New York State has been perfected and is very cost effective and efficient.  You may learn more about us every year in the New York Hockey Journal as they do a wonderful write up every year on DIY Buffalo ice skating rinks.

In addition, Iron Sleek has installers in your area in case you choose to let an experience rink builder take on the rink build for you.  Please call us to discuss a custom install at your home.   If you are not able to find an installer in your area, consider going solo with our innovative all inclusive "Drop in Rink".  Drop in Rinks by Iron Sleek are by far the easiest way to build.  Click here to see the easiest way for the least handy to build a rink

One last thing, Iron Sleek out of Chicago is forever grateful to this community for bringing your local talent of Patrick Kane to our City.