Ice Rink Liner White 6 Mil - The Perfect Ice Rink Liner!

At Iron Sleek we take pride in having the strongest and most durable Rink Liners in the industry! We make our multi-layered liners out of quality materials such as Virgin Low-Density Polyethylene and we do not use recycled materials, post-consumer products, or inferior material as we take pride in using premium material. Our Liners are Watertight, 100% Waterproof, and Pin-Hole Free. Below are some specifications and additional information about our Ice Rink Liners. 

Specifications and Additional Information:

  • 6 Mil Thickness
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Watertight 
  • Pin-Hole Free
  • Non-Toxic 
  • Premium Material 
  • Tear Proof

Sizing Tips and Information:

No short cuts here.  Always choose a liner that is substantially larger than your rink.  Below are some simple tips to help you choose a liner size. 

1) For simple rinks with short boards, smaller in size (say under 30 by 50) on relatively flat ground.  Add 5 feet to the width of the rink and 5 feet to the length of the rink. We call this the 5 rule.  The 5 rule should do the trick for most rinks. For example, for a 30 by 50 rink, choose a 35 by 55 liner.  

2) For longer rinks, say over 60.  Add 10 feet to the length of your rink to choose a suitable liner.   Longer rinks have more variables.  You will not regret the extra plastic!


3) For rinks on wavy and undulating ground, add 10 feet on  length and width for small rinks and possibly more for bigger rinks.  Undulating ground will consume more liner than you expect once the liner is filled and follows the waviness of ground.  

4) Tall boards- Be sure to add the board heights to the liner extra.  For example, for a 30 by 50 with 4 foot boards all around, Choose 45 by 65.  That is the 5 rule plus the board heights rounded up to our nearest liner cut.   

Play it safe with your liner sizing.  Bigger is almost always better.  If you are a first timer, DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF TOO SMALL A LINER.  

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Ice Rink Liner White 6 Mil
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