This product wraps your boards to cover any imperfections, sharp edges, gaps, knots or other dangers for your liner.  It comes in 20' long sections.  Order as many as you need to cover your perimeter.

You can cover part or all of your rink boards.  It is available in 18" wide for lumber boards,  36" wide for 2 ft tall plywood, and 60" tall for 4 ft tall plywood boards.

Rink PerimeterNumber of pieces
20 x 20 rink (80 ft. perimeter)4 pieces
20 x 46 rink (132 ft. perimeter)7 Pieces
40 x 60 rink (200 ft. perimeter)10 pieces
85 x 200 rink (570 ft. perimeter)29 pieces

Choose your width.

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Board Wrap - 20 ft. Lengths
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