A standard Iron Sleek 42" Poly Steel rink board is 4 feet long with a 2.375" lap joint. They stand at 42" tall. This is a 2' wide board or half width.  The boards are made of 1/2" thick HDPE (HDPE is weather resistant plastic) panels. The vertical poly columns are every 2 feet for strength and additional mounting areas. Poly columns are 5/8" thick. The overall board thickness is 1.125".

The board design has galvanized steel channels that give support and temperature stability required for hockey play in the outdoors. They are galvanized to keep from rusting and steel to provide superior strength. These outdoor hockey rink boards are solid! Iron Sleek Rink Boards are the ultimate outdoor hockey rink boards because they are engineered for versatility, strength, durability, temperature stability, and superb aesthetics. They can be a temporary seasonal set of backyard rink boards as they are manufactured in manageable 4 foot segments or they can be permanently mounted for year round rink activities. The integrated vertical lap joint is key making installing Iron Sleek boards a simple task, even on not level ground.

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Iron Sleek 2' wide 42" Tall Rink Board
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