• Protects Liner Bottom from Sharp Corner cuts and Ballooning
  • Reduces labor Involved in Filling Gap
  • Cleaner Rink Look

Rink sideboard edges are generally sharp.  Meanwhile, the ground is usually wavy or pitted.  This normal scenario is a recipe for the formations of a liner balloon that can slide under the boards and possibly get cut or sliced by the sideboards edges.  Traditionally, rink builders try to solve this problem by packing the inside of the rink with dirt or sand.  Unfortunately, this method of packing soil is tedious, dirty, and is not fool proof.   Under regular winter freeze and thaw condition, the sand or soil will wash away.   Once again, the bottom of the rink is left at risk.  Our Ice Rink Board Foam Cove for sale solves this problem and is a "MUST HAVE."  It is strategically designed to cushion and protect your liner bottom.  The water pressure pushes against the Base Cove's triangular shape and automatically fills the gaps while protection your liner from the sharp bottom edges or your rink walls.  Rink Base Cove is 2.5" tall and 2.5" wide and includes a user friendly tab that tucks under the boards so it stays in place until you lay your liner and fill your rink. 

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Iron Sleek Rink Cove 10 pk. 40 ft.
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