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12" BOARDS - [ ]


24" BOARDS - [ ]


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12" Boards: (8ft): 

12" Segment Boards: (2ft): 

12" S1 Board: 

12" S2 Board: 

12" S3 Board: 

12" S4 Board: 

24" Boards: (8ft): 

24" Segment Boards: (2ft): 

24" S1 Board: 

24" S2 Board: 

24" S3 Board: 

24" S4 Board: 

48" Boards: (8ft): 

48" Segment Boards: (2ft): 

48" S1 Board: 

48" S2 Board: 

48" S3 Board: 

48" S4 Board: 

60" long 2x4 (outrigger): 

30" long 2x4 (outrigger): 



Iron Sleek Brackets: 

Hard Court Bracket - Short: 

Hard Court Bracket - Tall: 

Outrigger brackets: 

Corner brackets: 

Round brackets: 

Yellow Screws: 

Ground Stake Bracket: 

Mending Channels: 

Long Wood Screws: 

Ground Stakes: 

Blue Cap Rail Installation Tool: 

Blue Cap Screws: 



Rink Liner: 

4" Yellow Kick Board: 

8" Yellow Kick Board: 

Blue Cap Rail: 

Blue Cap Boomerang: 





What is the surface where you plan to install your rink?


Surface Type

Choose the surface type where you plan to install your rink. If your location is a mix of different surface types, choose the surface type that is most prevalent. Further customization is possible later on. Installing on different surface types will require different parts/hardware.

What type of Rink Boards do you want?


Boards Type - Note: DIY Kit does not include lumber/plywood. Board selection is used to provide correct hardware & brackets.

2" X 12" Lumber Boards - 4 sided rink with 2" X 12" lumber boards.

24" 3/4" Plywood Boards - 4 sided rink with 24" tall 3/4" plywood boards.

48" 3/4" Plywood Boards - 4 sided rink with 48" 3/4" plywood boards.

Combo Boards - 4 sided rink with 48" plywood boards on each end with 24" plywood boards in the center

What type of corners do you want on your rink?


Corner Type

Square Corners - Square corners on your rink. Minimum rink size is 9' x 9'.

Rink Rounds - Curved corners on your rink. Minimum rink size is 9' x 9'.

What is the desired size of your rink?


Rink Size

Select your rink size. Minimum rink size is

Would you like to include a Rink Liner?


Rink Liner

Rink liner is heavy duty water-tight plastic sheeting. When liner totals are calculated, an extra 10 feet is added to the width and the length of your rink.

Do you want bottom trim for your rink?


Yellow Kick Board

4" Yellow Kick Board or 8" Yellow Kick Board running the full perimeter of your rink.

Do you want top trim for your rink?


Rink Finish

Foam Topper - Foam topper that helps hold down rink liner and adds a layer of padding. Also adds aesthetic value.

Blue Cap Rail - Blue board sitting on top of rink boards.

Special Options


Special Rink Options

Refrigeration - Refrigeration Systems can be added to rinks that are less then 54,000 sqft.

Synthetic Ice - Add synthetic ice to rink for indoor setups.

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