The Iron Sleek Rink Round packages comes with enough boards and latches to make one rounded rink corner. 

One rink round includes a quantity of 3 Iron Sleek Poly panels (20" tall) and 6 galvanized steel latches to make a 4 foot radius segmented round.  The latches are precision preassembled for your continence. 

Building a round is so easy with the galvanized latches and poly panels.  No need to do any math, just assemble male into female and snug up a 2 screws.  To see how to build this type of rink round watch this video.

1 Rink Rounds are included in the Rink Round Package so this item includes a total of:

  • Qty. 3, 20" Poly Panel
  • Qty. 8, Galvanized Steel Rink Round Latches
  • Screws for Rink Rounds Latches
  • Instructions

Note: These rink rounds come standard with our Rink Board Packages.  You only need this item if you are buying boards a la carte.  2 of these come with a shooting lane, and 4 are needed for a closed rink.



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Iron Sleek 20" Rink Round Package for Poly Steel Boards
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